Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chocolate Biscuit Log

Chocolate Biscuit Log

Inspired by:
My friend Kat
Rocky road Easter eggs- Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
Peanut butter and chocolate slice- Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook.

I was talking to my friend Kat who was going to make Rocky Road Easter eggs, which sounded very tempting, but I didn’t have the equipment or ingredients. Last week I had made lollycake for my husband which wasn’t gluten or dairy free, and I had seen a recipe for peanut butter and chocolate slice, so I wondered what the outcome might be if I did a kind of ‘mash up’ of the recipes.

I used:
75g crushed biscuits (gluten and dairy free)
150g dark chocolate (dairy free)
2 tbs margarine (dairy free)
2 tbs peanut butter (dairy free)
½ cup brown sugar
8 mini meringues (dessert spoon sized) (gluten free)
50-100g mini marshmallows (gluten free)
Handful of strawberry lollies (gluten free)

What I did:
Grease/line tin.
Crush biscuits in a bowl and put aside.
Melt peanut butter and margarine in a saucepan, on low heat, taking care not to burn or boil it. 
Stir in chocolate until all melted in.
Take off heat, (turn off stove), and add biscuits and sugar, mix until well combined. 
Add meringues, crushing them while mixing. 
Add marshmallows and strawberries (or the lollies of your choice) and mix until they are spread evenly through the mixture.
Pour out on to the tin and press/mold into a log shape (I wrapped baking paper tightly around the log to keep it in shape).
Refrigerate until set. Eat and enjoy!

Comments after eating Chocolate Biscuit Log
It’s good, the peanut butter isn’t overpowering, it is not too chocolatey. It doesn’t taste like rocky road as it has a nice biscuit taste. It has an interesting texture for something sweet which I enjoy. A successful experiment!

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