Monday, 29 August 2011

Chocolate Caramel Banana Meringue Pie (Cheaters Version)

Chocolate Caramel Banana Meringue Pie (Cheaters Version)

Inspired by: eep. . .can’t find the link now but it was a multitude of recipes for Banana pies of all sorts.

Why? I don’t usually do this, make things as a mash up of actual food I have in the cupboard or things I have made before, but I had two bananas to use and I’ve baked banana cake and bread so many times, so I was looking for something different and fast!

I used:
Left over Blondie slice (gluten free, dairy free)
15cm x10cm cut in half, to make two 15cmx10cm pieces. (if this is confusing see below the two pieces of blondie were one piece which sat on top of eachother)
Left over Brownie slice (gluten free, dairy free) 15cm x10cm.
2 bananas
½ cup brown sugar
2 tsps gluten free flour.
10 mini meringues (gluten free)

What I did:
In 15x30cm dish (my dish measurements aren't exact-I'm estimating- my apologies) place Blondie slice, Brownie slice, Blondie slice, on the bottom of the dish, tightly together so there are no gaps. 
Press together if necessary. 
In a small bowl, mix bananas and brown sugar, mashing with a fork until creamy, add gluten free flour and mix well. 
Pour on top of slice base. 
Arrange meringues on the top evenly on the top to your liking. 
Refrigerate until cold, then eat and enjoy.

Comments after eating Caramel, chocolate, banana, meringue pie!
It’s quite an odd experience having such strong flavours altogether and still being able to taste them each individually, while being combined. I enjoyed it a lot.
You could use cake, or a combination of crushed biscuits, sugar and margerine to make the base if you wanted a quick dessert and you didn't happen to have left over slice around.  

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