Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hi everyone!
I was writing up a recipe for something I have just made when I realised this whole time I have been getting the measurements of my pans wrong. Sometimes I am not the most precise of people, especially when it comes to baking, sometimes I just follow my senses, to my joy or tears! This mistake could have led to someones tears. So my apologies. I have (hopefully) corrected them all now to reflect more accurate pan/tray sizes, but to me, a few cm in pan size will not make or break a dish. But others may disagree.
Moving on. . .
I found this interesting article a few weeks ago. Ignore the advertising and ponder the statistics


Can you boil an egg? How many recipes are in your knowledge bank?
Eggs- yes, Recipes- no idea. Do they mean know the quantities from scratch?
I must admit I find food for the evening meal much less exciting than desserts, (you may have noticed), may be because they are very quickly eaten, while things of the sweet variety are eaten in smaller quantities and so your hard work lasts longer. That is not to say that I dont try and experiment with my evening meals. I do. I mean just last night I made an experimental sauce and it tasted more like pancake mix than what it was meant to, but that will not deter me. My lucky husband will get try number 2 tonight.
What was this supposed to achieve? I'm not sure.
Hopefully at least a smile.

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