Saturday, 10 November 2012

Chocolate Mousse (number 3)

Chocolate Mousse
 (pictured with chocolate chips)

Inspired by:

As usual with these great discoveries, the story begins with failure! I tried to make a soy free slice for a friend, but used olive oil as a margarine substitute and the slice although chocolatey ended up tasting like olive oil! So I thought a mousse slice would mask the flavor nicely. Am always looking for new ways of doing things, and this mousse recipe was quick and easy.

Time Taken:
Overnight refrigeration of coconut milk+ 5 minutes.

Number of Dirty Dishes:
Medium sized bowl, beater, measuring spoons/cups.

I used:
1 cup of chilled coconut cream (the solid white part not the watery part)
5 tbs cocoa
2 tsp vanilla
½ cup icing sugar (it’s supposed to be 3tbs honey but the lid was stuck on the jar!)

What I did:
Scoop the cold coconut cream into a medium sized bowl.
Add cocoa, vanilla and icing sugar and beat for 2-5 minutes until combined and fluffy.
Eat, or chill and eat later.

Comments after eating Chocolate mousse:
Yum and wow. So easy!
My husband likes the other mousse recipes better than this though.

What I would do different:
When I can get the lid off my honey, I will try it with that instead of icing sugar!
I want to try this method to make different flavours of mousse!

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