Thursday, 1 November 2012

Virgin Mojitos

Virgin Mojitos

Inspired by:
I can’t find the recipe anymore! I didn’t even write it down!
Apologies if my directions are rough.

I felt like having a Mojito but am off alcohol at the moment.

Time Taken:
5 minutes

Number of Dirty Dishes:
Spoon, knife, chopping board, 2 drinking glasses

I used: (2 skinny glasses)
4-6 tbs Lemon cordial chilled
(equal parts lemon juice, castor sugar and water, boiled until sugar has dissolved)
2 limes
10 mint leaves
2 tbs raw sugar
Cold water (still or sparkling)

What I did:
Cut limes into quarters and squeeze half a lime into the bottom of each glass.
Add 1tbs of raw sugar and 5 mint leaves to each glass.
With the spoon mix thoroughly, making sure the flavours muddle.
Then add the squeezed half lime and 2tbs of lemon cordial.
Mix again and add the other half of the limes and fill glass with cold water.

Comments after drinking the Virgin Mojito:
YUM! I want to make another one! (and I did!)

What I would do different:
Muddle more, and maybe add some more lemon cordial.

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