Monday, 29 August 2011


Well if you are one of those people who have subscribed to the email feed. . .then sorry about the mistakes in my typing!! The biscuit recipe should have read tablespoons not teaspoons worth of dough being put on the tray to bake! They are fixed now!
I am back in Rome! For another 8 months at least. The last 6 weeks has just reminded me how depressing it can be sometimes travelling being gluten and dairy free sometimes. Potato chips and tea, chicken and rice. Not necessarily from this trip, but I have come back from trips craving vegatables. It's nice to be back in the land of gelato again too. 
Every time I visit Australia and New Zealand (not so much NZ cause they have Whitakers) I get so annoyed at their chocolate companies which put milk in DARK DARK chocolate and wheat in there too sometimes. . .can't a girl get a break? I just want chocolate!!!!!
I was happy to see that Weis brought out a new flavour of sorbet. Bliss!! and I always love cooking with the fake cream cheese- toffutti.
My lovely mother in law introduced me to some great gluten and dairy free breads in NZ, it was such a luxury having toast for breakfast!
In sad news it seems a lot more of my friends are having to eat gluten and or dairy free now. It's not an easy road, or cheap, but I hope it helps your health!!
Thats all for me for now. Thanks for listening. xoL

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