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Jada's rice wraps

Jada's rice wraps

Inspired by:  
Jada who attends In a Pickle cooking classes

My niece Jada loves to cook and has shared these great gluten and dairy free recipes with me!

Jada uses:
Note: Quantity depends on the amount of people you want to feed! (Lauryn usually eats three or four wraps)

Raw chicken breast, chopped finely.
Teriyaki Marinade (gluten and dairy free) 
Shredded lettuce
Diced tomato
Vermicelli Rice Noodles
Grated Carrot
Circular Rice Paper Wraps

What Jada does:
According to the instructions on the bottle, marinate the chicken breast, and cook well. Once chicken is cooked, take pan off heat (turn off stove). 
Prepare a bowl of hot water (not hot enough to burn anyone) to dunk the rice paper in (according to the instructions on the packet), which will allow the paper to soften (if there are small children present make sure an adult does this step for them, and that the water is out of their reach).
Dunk rice paper in hot water, it will become slippery and moldable. Lie rice paper out flat on a plate, add small amounts of the tomato, lettuce, chicken, noodles and carrot in the centre of the paper, making a verticle line of ingrdients spanning the middle third of the rice paper circle (hope that makes sense). Fold the bottom of the rice paper over the ingrdients towards the top, then fold the top down over it. Fold the left, over the parcel, and then the right. It should form a nice edible package.
Eat while still warm, or wait until they are cool.

Comments after eating Jada's rice wraps!
I want some more! I was amazed, and so impressed! The first time I had ever tried these, I had not had a wrap for more than a year, so it was like a food oasis for my mouth.
Unfortunately we don't have pictures. . .but if you google rice wraps you will come across the right thing!

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